About Let Me See My Baby

The Let Me See My Baby project came about in early 2017, over a cup of coffee with a friend. We were discussing my work (as a bereavement doula)…and her work as a midwife…and the conversation led to the need for specific, detailed bereavement training for midwives, doulas, social workers and obstetricians.

We went on to discuss well as the lack of understanding that we seem to have – as a society – as to what to say, and what to do, when someone close to us experiences the death of a baby or young child.

I sat on the idea of creating an event as a collaboration for a while, asking others for input as to the topics they’d be interested in.

And I knew I didn’t have all the answers…so that would mean I would need a panel.

I was also aware that it was imperative for event to be presented in a gentle and nurturing environment, given we would all be discussing one of the hardest of conversations – what can we do better, when someone’s baby dies?

The idea was put to Jessica, a friend and fellow bereavement doula in Macksville…and she was on board.

Let Me See My Baby was born.

The first event was held in Yandina, in the Sunshine Coast on August 1st 2017. It was sold out. The response was marvellous.

In the weeks that followed the first Let Me See My Baby event, I had this thought. What if…..what if this event could reach everyone? What if I just packed up all our stuff and set off on an adventure, with all the event gear in a trailer…creating panels with people local to each area across Australia, and allow Let Me See My Baby to be accessible to everyone?

So that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for following the journey.

Amy x