About LSW

Hi, welcome – thank you for being here.

Little Silk Wings’ website is an Australian bereavement doula training platform and resource centre. It will provide both immediate, free information about what to expect when supporting a mother whose baby had died or will die, as well as the option to be a part of extensive, detailed training to be certified as a Little Silk Wings Practitioner and be called upon to support other mums in your community.

We have a vision that every woman in Australia having at least one sister in her tribe who has trained with Little Silk Wings. By sister, we mean friend, relative, actual sister. A woman in her tribe who she knows will journey with her in confidence should she find herself in a space where birth is meeting death.

We believe:

  • women shouldn’t have to go outside their already established tribes for bereavement support
  • bereavement training should be accessible and affordable
  • streamlined bereavement training should be the norm for all professionals working with a bereaved mother
  • our sisters who invest in training with Little Silk Wings do so not necessarily for themselves, but for the sisters in their tribe
  • we should be able to live in a world where all cultures respect and acknowledge baby death and hold it in the highest regard, with dignity and compassion.

This vision includes children and young people – that grief and death can become a part of regular conversation, and that they can feel heard and acknowledged when their lives enter a space where they are affected by birth meeting death.

We have created age appropriate workshops and classroom sessions designed for school children, community groups and special events. LSW is passionate about working with families for best outcomes particularly for children and will continue to do this through Little Silk Wings with the intention of supporting, guiding and informing young people about grief and death. Specifically, we are available to work not exclusively with a bereaved mother, but also one-on-one with siblings of a baby who had just died.

Women everywhere in Australia need at least one sister in her tribe who can called upon to stand in the space where birth and death meets. So they are not having to call someone new into their tribe … so access to specific information is immediate and factual and based on Australian national and state laws and so already established bereavement services local to their area are utilised.

The long-term goal for Little Silk Wings is for every woman In Australia to have at least one sister in her tribe be a Little Silk Wings Practitioner … that information is accessible and affordable and that the training is invested in not for themselves but for the vision that we might all a part of  tribes that hold baby death in the highest of regard, treating it with the dignity, confidence and knowledge it deserves.